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Automated rules

Based on your rules, this feature helps manage your ads by actions such as adding effective search query to keywords and changing bids.

You can setup accounts, campaigns, and ad groups to run the rules such as adding keywords and changing bids when the set conditions meet.

Example settings of automated rules
Notes using automated rules
How to use automated rules

Example settings of automated rules

*The following example settings are samples to show how to use the automated rules. It is not what we recommend as the actual setting. Please consider the setting conditions according to your goals.

Example settings A
An e-commerce site with a large number of products.
Although intended search queries are added to the keywords, it is impossible to cover all by hand. The site manager wants to automate adding more effective search queries.
<Setting Detail>
 Goals: Select "Add more effective search queries to keyword" ( Exact Match)
 Association: Associate the ad group that includes the focused products
 Conditions: Keyword that has five times or more conversions and Cost/conv. is 1,000JPY or less
 Duration: Select “Last 30 days”
 Frequency: Monthly (on 1)
=>An exact match effective search query that meets the condition will be added automatically to keyword.
Example settings B
A travel booking website.
It has too many added keywords. Inefficient keywords are turned off manually but it takes time. The site manager wants to automate the process.
<Setting Detail>
 Goals: Select "Stop ad delivery to low performance keywords and add to negative keywords" (Stop ad delivery)
 Association: Associate to a campaign with a large number of keywords
 Conditions: Keyword with quality index of 4 or under and Avg. CPC is more than 100JPY
 Duration:Because you want to refer to a week including Saturday and Sunday, select "Last 7 days" for duration
 Frequency:Once per week (Sunday)
=>Low performance keywords that meet the condition will automatically turned off.

Notes using automated rules

  • When you set multiple conditions it will be in "and" conditions. Except for the followings.
    -When you set multiple "labels," the conditions for the labels will be in "or" conditions.
    -When you set multiple "Match Types," the conditions for the Match Types will be in "or" conditions.
  • When the account's display setting is set to off, automated rules will not run.
  • The automated rules can change the entities that meet your rules and the following three conditions.
    -Display settings of the entity is “On”
    -All display settings on the upper-level entity (the ad group and campaign are upper-level entity of keywords) are “On”
    -The entity has at least one impression during the specified period.

How to use automated rules

Learn more about automated rules in the following help page. 
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