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Display Assured Environments (Display Ads (Guaranteed))

Display Assured Environments

Display Assured Environments for Display Ads (Guaranteed) are as follows.

*Display Ads (Guaranteed) is available for specific advertisers.


Display Assured Environments for PCs

ChromeMicrosoft Edge


WindowsThe latest versionThe latest versionThe latest version
MacThe latest versionThe latest versionThe latest version

*Ads won’t be delivered to browsers with JavaScript settings off.
* Alternative images (Video thumbnail) may be posted in the cases below.
 * When the content is viewed on a browser not supporting HTML 5 (such as Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions)
* Before new ad specifications are adopted, they are checked on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox existing at the time.

Display Assured Environments for Smartphones

OSModel nameOperating system versionBrowser
iOSApple iPhoneiOS 13 and later
Android[Unspecified]Android 7 and later

*Ads won’t be delivered to browsers with JavaScript settings off.
*There may be a time lag between the release of the latest model or operating system version and the time at which the ad is actually distributed.
*Smartphone App Ads may not be displayed if the user's App is not updated to the latest version.
*When your ads are displayed on a tablet terminal, the environment will be same as the above mentioned.



* The display assured environments are subject to change.
* The display assured environments may vary by ad type.
Note that it may be impossible to distribute or correctly (promptly) display ads, or to display a link destination due to browser settings, operating system-specific specifications, firewalls, security software, plug-in software, or the operation state, communication environment or other settings of the user terminal.
* Whether to play MP4-format content is determined by evaluating the bandwidth. MP4 content is not played in communication environments unsuited to its playback. An alternate image is posted in this case.
* For PC specified packages, ads may be delivered to devices other than PC depending on the target OS and device. In such cases, the left and right side images may be hidden, the main image may be reduced, or the main image may be reduced to fit the column width of the content.
* The ad delivery may be temporarily limited when heavy user access results from events of a disaster or featured news to the ad placement. Ad delivery may be limited for Display Ads (Guaranteed) slot buying and time slot buying packages.
* Also check “Precautions and prohibitions for Ad Insertion.”