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Precautions and prohibitions for Ad Insertion

Precautions and prohibitions for Ad Insertion

[Display Ads Auction and Guaranteed), Search Ads]
[Display Ads (Auction and Guaranteed)]
[Display Ads (Guaranteed)]

*Display Ads (Auction and Guaranteed) is available for specific advertisers.


[Display Ads (Auction and Guaranteed), Search Ads]


*Please be aware that unintended line feeds may be inserted in the display, depending on the font type and size you specify for the browser.
*After user action, ads may be partially covered by other ad or contents on the same posting location.
*A frame containing a notification to the user may be posted in the event of a disaster or service issue.
*Due to user complaints or usability considerations, revision request or refusal for distribution or posting of submitted ads may occur.
*For ads with a specified aspect ratio that exceeds the minimum pixel size, the posting size will be optimized according to the device. As a result, the area covered by the icons (such as information icons and video length scales on smartphone video ads) will differ depending on the device the ad is displayed.
*Check "Display Assured Environments" for Display Ads (Guaranteed) for disclaimers regarding ad placements of Display Ads (Guaranteed).


- Ads with characters that make users feel uncomfortable
- Ads with ambiguous meaning, such as enumeration and decorative usage of cryptic characters
- Ads that include emoticons
- Use of platform dependent characters
- Space (including tab space) at the beginning and end of a sentence



[Display Ads (Auction and Guaranteed)]


* Check the following help page for limit number of ad creatives.
* Creatives using transparent effects can’t be submitted.
* Error may occur depending on the tools used for creating the video. Create the video with a fair margin than the specified maximum volume.

Ad Expression Restrictions

* Verify the restrictions on ad expressions in Chapter 9 of the "Yahoo! JAPAN Advertisement Editorial Guidelines".
For ad types with special restrictions, check the "Ad Expression Restrictions" section of the applicable ad specifications page.


*Licenses needed for the development of creatives such as the GIF89a, JPEG or PNG files covered by these submissions regulations, for processes using development tools, or for compression, unlocking or display of graphic data are assumed to have been obtained from the applicable developer or creator.

Link destination URL for posting on App

*Do not place "." (a period ) at the end of URL. It may not link to the destination correctly.
*Do not use deep linking. It may not work correctly.



[Display Ads (Guaranteed)]

Submission Deadlines

* Add ad creatives are reviewed before ad delivery by Yahoo! JAPAN.
* All ads created by 11:59 PM JST four business days before the delivery start date of the campaign will be reviewed within three business days. Brand tracking creatives must be created before this deadline.
*Creatives submitted after the deadline is subject to post-deadline review. Post-deadline review takes one to two business days. Only one of the combinations of ad types and aspect ratios registered when campaign was created will be reviewed. Submitting a creative a business day before the start date does not guarantee its display on the start date. Make sure to submit your creatives well in advance. Brand tracking is not subject to post-deadline review.

Manuscript Substitutions

* There is no limit to the number of times to change your creatives. However, you can’t select the date to change.
* It will take up to three days for the review to complete. Change your creative considering the review schedule.

Inside Link Effectiveness Measurement

For all ad products with inside links (e.g. those inviting people to our ad plans), it is prohibited to redirect to an external URL for effectiveness measurement
(excluding inside links to stores using RMI).