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How to check whether the domains of "destination URL" and "display URL" match for migration to final URL format

You can output and check the list of “destination URL” and “display URL” by using performance report.

By using the performance report to output a list of "link URL" and "display URL" set in the advertisement and comparing each setting value, you can check whether the domain matches.
Refer the following examples of domain mismatches.

  • Display URL:
  • Destination URL:
    When "www" is included only in the display URL, it is determined that the domain of the destination URL and the display URL do not match.

See the following procedure to learn how to output performance report.
*This is an example of the procedure using the final URL report.


  1. At the upper right corner of the Campaign Management Tool, click “Reports”. Performance report screen appears.
  2. Click “Create report and template” button. The view of “Load predefined report” is displayed.
  3. Select the “Final URL” of “Final URL report”, then click “Apply”.
  4. Select “Basic item” tab at the left side of the performance report view.
  5. Add the followings to the setting items of the report.
    • Display URL
    • Campaign name
    • Campaign ID
    • Ad group name
    • Ad group ID
    • Ad name
    • Ad ID

      Follow the steps below.
      (1) Enter the item name (such as "Display URL") to be added in the "Basic item" search field, and click the magnifying glass icon. The target item is displayed in the search results.

      (2) Click the "+" displayed to the right of the item name to add it to the report setting items.
      Report setting items can also be added by dragging and dropping them into the setting item field.
  6. Move the "Display URL" item added to the setting item next to the "Final URL" by dragging and dropping, and arrange the two items for easy comparison and confirmation.
  7. Specify the duration and click “Download”. The report file can be downloaded in CSV format.
  8. Open the downloaded report file to check whether the "Final URL" and "Display URL" domains match in the same ad.
When the ad format is "destination URL format", the performance report will output the value of "destination URL" in the "final URL" column. Therefore, these steps compare the setting values of “final URL” and “display URL”.

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