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Provide the list on ad account to MCC account

You can set whether to provide the audience list created by your ad account to your MCC account. Follow the steps below.

Target list's share status can only be changed by users who own some role.
Learn more details on "About MCC accounts and available actions for each ad account"


  1. From the account list, select the MCC account.
  2. Click the “Tools” at the right top, then click “Audience list” in the common library.
  3. At “Provide lists to MCC account”, click “Provide” or “Don't provide”.
  4. The confirmation screen will be shown, so click the “Change” button.
  • The default setting of “Provide lists to MCC account” is “Don’t provide”.
  • You can change "Provide lists to MCC account" to "Provide" only when the linked MCC account has “List share with ad accounts" set to "Share". When you have multiple linked MCC accounts and the list sharing by one of the MCC accounts is set to "Share", you can change it to "Provide". You can set the list sharing with one MCC account only per ad account.
  • Audience lists for ad accounts can only be served to MCC accounts that have "List share with ad accounts" set to "Share" for that ad account.
When you change the setting of “Provide lists to MCC account” to "Don’t provide" on the ad account that provides the list, ad delivery of other accounts’ ad groups that have been set the providing audience list will stop.
The status of unsubscription of ad delivery can be checked by the notification sent to the email address set in the contact and with the change history.

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