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Auto bidding type “Maximize conversions”

The auto bidding type “Maximize conversions” is the bid strategy that adjust the bid price automatically to maximize the number of conversions within the specified campaign daily budget.


This bidding type is fitted when your goal is to acquire conversions as much as possible using the budget at the most.

Suitable campaigns

To use a more stable auto bidding type “Maximize Conversions”, we recommend to set this type for campaigns that count 50 or more conversions per each campaign in the past 7 days.

When setting the auto bidding type “Maximize Conversions”, the only conversion that will be optimized is conversions via click (the metric is “Conversions (via click)”). Conversions via video views aren’t the target of this optimization.
Learn about the indexes related to the conversion on videos on “Tracking conversions after video view”.

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