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Measurement tool for tracking app installation

On the app appeal campaign of Display Ads (Auction), the ad measurement tool is used to track the installation of apps.

Conversion types and details

Conversion types that you can track are as follows. Refer to the details page for the mechanism of each conversion count and the settings in the Campaign Management Tool.

Conversion typesDetails
Conversion via click on adsFirst Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion)
View through conversion of ad and videoWhat is view-through conversion
Conversion via video viewTracking conversions after video view
Tracking conversion by SKAdNetwork (iOS only)SKAdNetwork measurement support for iOS app

Tools for tracking app installation and required parameters

Check the measurement tool corresponding to the conversion you want to measure, and then make a contract and install the tool.

Tool provider nameTool nameRequired parameterConversions via clickConversion via video viewView through conversionSKAdNetwork measurement (iOS only)
Metaps, Inc.Metaps Analytics(via click)
(via video view)

adjust KKAdjust*For iOS:
install_callback={installCallback}, idfa={ifa}
*For Android:
install_callback={installCallback}, gps_adid={ifa}

AppsFlyerAppsFlyer*For iOS:
clickid={ci}, idfa={ifa}
*For Android:
clickid={ci}, advertising_id={ifa}

Branch MetricsBranch Universal Ads*For iOS:
*For Android:

SingularSingularCheck with your tool provider. 

*As of June 2022.

Common parameter for tools

Parameters for cache busting
*Contact your tool provider to confirm whether you need this parameter and how to set the parameter.
*Descriptions other than the above (XXX = [timestamp], etc.) are invalid.


*Tools that can track app installation and available parameters may change without prior notice.

  • Depending on the tool you use, parameters other than the above may be available. Please contact your tool supplier for details.
  • Yahoo! JAPAN does not support specification and settings such as setups and issuing of Beacon URL of tools that can track app install. Please contact your tool supplier.