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Create conversion groups

On Display Ads, you can select a conversion group that combines multiple conversion settings per campaign. The conversions measured by the selected conversion settings that structures the conversion group will appear in the "Conversions" column of the campaign and will be used to optimize the autobidding.
This page describes the details and steps to create the conversion group.

Use case

Conversion group

  • You can create conversion group with two or more conversion settings. You can add maximum of 100 conversion settings per conversion group.
  • You can create up to 100 conversion groups per account.
  • The created conversion groups can be selected as conversion action for auto bidding optimization when creating or changing campaigns and be used for optimizing the campaign.
    Learn more on “Select conversions used for autobidding optimization by each campaign.” 
You can't select conversion settings for each campaign as "Conversion action for optimization" to conversion tags with no conversion label (yahoo_ydn_conv_label). You can’t add it to the conversion group either.
We no longer issue new conversion measurement tags that do not have a conversion label value set. Set a new conversion tag.

Create conversion group

Follow the steps to create conversion group.

  1. From the top bar, click ”Display Ads.”
  2. Click the Tools icon In the upper right corner.
  3. Click “Conversion tracking” in “Common Library”.
  4. The list of conversion settings will appear. Click the “Conversion group “ in the left side menu.
  5. Click “Create conversion group.”
  6. Set the following from the create conversion group view.
    • Conversion group name : Enter the conversion group name.
    • Conversion settings : Enable the checkbox of the conversion settings to add to the conversion group. Select two or more conversion settings.
  7. Click “Save”

Select conversion group for the campaign

The created conversion groups can be selected as “Conversion action for optimization” when creating or changing campaigns.
The list of created conversion groups will appear when you click "Select campaign-level conversion setting" and select "Conversion group."

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