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Import user identifier data and create custom list

You can upload your own customer data (any user identifiers) ​​and import it into your audience list on Display Ads.
The imported data can be collated with the Yahoo! JAPAN data and your ads can be delivered as an audience list based on any user identifier.

user identifiers
Steps to use

  • When using this feature, you need to add the universal tag of Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager on your website.
  • Importing data of any user identifiers is supported on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads API.
    *The Campaign Management Tool does not support the importing feature.
  • Learn about how to import ad identifier for app (IDFA or AAID) and email addresses on “Create audience list of customer data by importing data”.

Data linkage mechanism for user identifiers

*Example of linking advertiser member IDs


Steps to use

1. Setup “user identifier synchronization tag” (任意のユーザー識別子同期タグ) of Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager

When targeting using an user identifier, it is necessary to set the "user identifier synchronization tag" in advance in Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager and install the universal tag on your web site. Learn about how to use Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager and how to setup “user identifier synchronization tag” below.

Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager - How to start using (Help pages in Japanese)
How to setup user identifier synchronization tag (Help page in Japanese)

2. Place the universal tag of Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager on website

You need to put the universal tag of Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager on your website.
Learn about “how to put the tag on “Acquire and setup universal tag” (Help page in Japanese).

3. Create audience list

Create the audience list that you import user identifier data to.
Select “custom” for audience list type.
Learn more about how to create on the Campaign Management Tool on “Create an Audience list

The "duration of linked data" that is set when creating an audience list is the item that sets the duration of the linked data in the list (up to 60 days). When you use the same list data after the expiration date, you need to import the data again.

4. Import user list file to Audience list

You can import your user list file to the created audience list. Note that you can import the user identifier only via Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads API.
Check the reference document of Display Ads API to learn more about how to import the user list file and the file format. Also note that this feature is supported from Display Ads API v6.

  • When using linked data, you must comply with Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising Data Usage Standards. Check the details on “Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising Data Usage Standards.”
  • User size is the approximate number of users that you can deliver ads. It is not the number of the uploaded files.
  • The user size of the created audience list is not included in the default audience list.
  • If the number of data to be uploaded is small. the number of reach (number of distribution target users” cannot be secured.
  • Downloading the imported data is not available.

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