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Account structure of Display Ads

On Display Ads, you can manage your ads by using account, campaign, ad group and ads.
Each element has a hierarchical structure with the account at the top, and is created in the following order from top to bottom.

1. Account

2. Campaign

3. Ad group

4. Ad

Account structure

The roles and characteristics of accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and ads / keywords are as follows.


It is the top management unit in the operation of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads, and is set for each service (Search Ads, Display Ad). Account is the top level of your elements. Your information (company name and your name) and payment method are on this level.


Add campaigns under your account. On Display Ads, you can create campaigns by campaign goal.
For the campaign, you can set the status, duration, bid strategy, budget, etc.

Ad group

A set of ads and created under your campaign.
On Display Ads (Auction), you can set the status, bid strategy, targeting, etc, on each ad group.


It means the text and images displayed as ads. You can add ads under ad groups.
Depending on the campaign goal and products selected when creating campaign, required elements for creating ads vary.

The maximum number of elements

The maximum number of campaigns, ad groups, and ads is as follows.

elementmax. limit
CampaignUp to 100 per 1 account
Ad group・Display Ads (Auction): 1000 ad groups per 1 campaign

・Display Ads (AUction): 300 ads per 1 ad group

Images and videos1,000 per account