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About billing when exceeding the campaign daily budget

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads system controls the frequency of ads to be delivered so that the campaign’s charge gets closer to campaign daily budget. To enhance advertising effectiveness, the system is able to increase ad display on days when there are a large number of display opportunities. This page describes the subject for the costs incurred in that case.

Billed for daily costs

When the day that ad display opportunity is high, the ad cost may exceed your daily budget. However, the system automatically adjust the total of daily spending. The billed for daily cost is up to 120% of the daily budget you set.

  • The performance data and the performance reports on the campaign management tool show all costs incurred and may differ from your actual charges.
  • Daily budget calculates "1 day" as to be from 0:00 AM to 11:59 PM (JST).
  • The amounts set and displayed as the budgets in the Campaign Management Tool are all before-tax amounts.

When the budget changes within a single day

When the daily budget is changed during the day, the system will calculate the budget amount for ad delivery in the remained hours of the day. And the system will control the frequency of delivering ads based on the calculated new budget amount. However, on days when ads are frequently displayed, costs that greatly exceed the daily budget may be incurred. In this case, you can calculate the billed cost by the following formula.

Billed of the day = 120% of the “pre-changed” budget + 120% of the “post-changed” budget amount for ad delivery

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