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Download data from the list view

On the Campaign Management Tool of Display Ads, you can download the number of data displayed on the list view and edited data in the format of importing file in CSV format.

Downloadable data types

  • Data in CSV file
    The data displayed on the list view and the file of performance data.
    Download a file in CSV format.

  • CSV file for importing (UTF-8/SHIFT JIS)
    This is the data file created in a format that can be used as an import file.
    It can be downloaded in CSV format. Available character codes are UTF-8 and Shift JIS for the CSV file.
    Lean more details of importing on “Bulk actions by importing files
  • This function downloads up to 10,000 data regardless of the number displayed on the list view.
  • Importing data more than 10,000 items is not available. Set the filter conditions to narrow down the target number to 10,000 or less.
    Learn more details of filtering on “Use filters

Download data from the list view

  1. View the new platform for Display Ads.
  2. From the side menu at the left, select the download target and targeting settings.
  3. Set the filters as needed.
  4. Click the “Download” button at the center, then select the type of CSV file for downloading.
    • Data in CSV file
    • CSV import file (UTF-8)
    • CSV import file (Shift-JIS)
  5. The downloading process starts.
    After the downloading complete, save the file on your end.