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What is Adjustment

You can check the following types of “Adjustment” on the billing transaction detail and the monthly billing statement.
See the followings to learn about details.
Monthly statement (Monthly billing statement)
Transactions (Billing Transaction Details)

Item names on the billing transaction detailItem names on the monthly billing statementdescription
Adjustments by ad fraudsAdjustmentThe amount that has been adjusted for invalid clicks, etc,.
Other AdjustmentsOther AdjustmentsThe amount that has been adjusted due to the system failure and other causes except for adjustments by ad frauds.
Special Adjustment
Special Adjustment (Campaign Promo)
Special AdjustmentThe amount that has been adjusted for any promotion campaign by Yahoo! JAPAN.
When an adjustment fee is given in the case of marketing campaigns etc., it will be reflected in the account balance and will be used as the fee for ad delivery from the adjustment fee.
Note that if an adjustment fee is given, the adjustment fee will be added to the set budget and used for ad delivery, and the adjustment fee will be deducted from the charge amount in the end. Therefore, the final charge amount is a budget-based amount and does not change.
The amount of the adjustment fee added to the budget cannot be checked in the budget setting options on the Campaign Management Tool. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please check the adjustment amount given to your account in "Transaction details" or "Monthly billing statement".

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