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SKAdNetwork measurement support for iOS app

Campaigns with app promotion as campaign goal of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads (Auction) support SKAdNetwork measurement for iOS app.

“SKAdNetwork” is a measuring feature for iOS app provided by Apple Inc. Even if tracking limitations are enforced by updating iOS, you can use SKAdNetwork to measure app installation and conversion.
*Reference: "SKAdNetwork" (Apple Developer Documentation) 

How to use SKAdNetwork measurement

Currently, Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads do not have the feature to acquire values from SKAdNetwork measurements. You will need to install a tracking tool that is linked to Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ads (linked tool) that supports this SKAdNetwork measurement. Measurement is available by setting the measurement URL issued by the linked tool to the destination URL of the ad under the App promotion campaigns.

You can use the following linked tools.


Tool name

Required parameter

adjust KK






*As of April 2021. (in alphabetical order)
*Available tracking tools and parameters may change without prior notice.

Contact your tool provider for details.

Restrictions using SKAdNetwork measurement

To support SKAdNetwork measurement some restrictions, such as the number of campaigns, have been added to App promotion campaigns for iOS. Details are as follows.

  • Campaigns for the same iOS app
    -Up to 20 campaigns per one account can be set to ad delivery “On”
    -Up to 20 campaigns per accounts of one company can be set to ad delivery “On” when the company manages multiple accounts
  • Ad measurement tools that support tracking installation of iOS apps is limited to one tool per campaign.
    *The ad measurement tool set to the first ad of the App promotion campaign will be fixed as the ad measurement tool for that entire campaign. Ads that set measurement URLs for other tools cannot be created under the same campaign. You can't create ads with an ad measurement tool URL under that campaign if the URL of the first ad is other than that of an ad measurement tool, such as the URL of an app store.
    *For iOS app promotion campaigns created before April 26, 2021, the ad measurement tool set for ads created at the earliest date and time is set
    as the available measurement tool for that campaign.