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Get and install a site retargeting tag for MCC account

This page describes using an audience list across ad accounts. To manage it in a single account, see Get and install a site retargeting tag.

Before you create an audience list for the MCC account, you need to get an exclusive tag (site retargeting tag). 
Once you get a site retargeting tag for your MCC account, you don't need to get tags for each ad account.

You must install the site retargeting tag on all pages of your website to create an audience list for website visitors and the rules of the audience list.
The site retargeting tag stores users' browsing history in our server to deliver ads to audiences who had visited your website and searched for your products or service. To make this work, install the site retargeting tag on your website before delivering ads.

Get and install a site retargeting tag for MCC account

  1. From the top bar, click “Tools.” In the Common library, click “Audience list (Display Ads).” 
  2. From the left menu, click "Audience source." The start page appears when you first visit this page.
  3. Confirm the requirements and check "Agree." Then click "Get site retargeting tag."  
    The Advertising Data Usage Standards define the requirements. You must explain the fact of acquiring data and the objectives for its use to users when using ad products that use a user's visit and activity history information on your website, apps, etc.
    The "Requirements for using Site retargeting" page appears only for the first visit. Learn more about Matters to be included in the Privacy Policy.
  4. "Custom audience ID (site retargeting ID) “ and "Site general tag, site retargeting tag" appear.
    After you create one, view your tag from the left menu "Audience source" and "View tag."
  5. Copy the tag in the “Site general tag, site retargeting tag” column.
  6. Install the tag you get in Step 4 to all pages of your website. Paste it right before the </body> tag at the end of each page.
    • When you already use the audience list for website visitors for each ad account and want to share the target list, additionally install the tag (Step 4) to the advertiser's website. When sharing a tag makes the other tag unnecessary, remove it from the website.
    • Browsing history won't store for a page that doesn't have a site retargeting tag. Install it to all pages on your site.
    • The website owner is solely responsible for the behavior and management of the site retargeting on your website.
  7. Save the file with the site retargeting tag and upload it to the webserver.

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