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Set bid adjustment rate for each targeting

You can adjust bid rates for each target setting for the ad group in Display Ads (Auction).

About bid adjustment feature
The bid adjustment feature (increase, decrease) adjusts how often the targeted audience sees your ad. You can adjust bids for each targeting setting within an ad group, which allows you to deliver a wide variety of ads without increasing the number of ad groups or ads.
You can use the bid adjustment feature for all the targeting settings for your ad group.

  • If you set "Exclude" for ad delivery for audience list targeting, placement targeting and content keyword targeting, you can't set the bid adjustment rate.
  • When you set autobidding in your campaign's bid strategy, the bid adjustment rate set for each targeting will not apply.

Example of using the feature
Ex: Male is more likely to buy the product, and like to set the bid as “Male:50 JPY” and “Female:40JPY.”

<When not using the bid adjustment function>
Create the following two Ad groups:
(Ad Group1)
- Bid: 50 JPY
- Gender targeting: Male
(Ad Group2)
- Bid: 40 JPY
- Gender targeting: Female
-> Separate Ad groups are needed for each targeting (male/female) and manage them.

<When using the bid adjustment function>
Create an Ad group:
(Ad Group1)
- Bid: 40 JPY
- Gender targeting: Male (bid adjustment rate: 25% →Bid will be 50 JPY)
- Gender targeting: Female (bid adjustment rate: 0% →Bid will be 40 JPY)
-> By using the bid adjustment function, you can manage different bids for targeting in one Ad group.

Details of bid adjustment feature
・Available bid adjustment rates

Increase by : From 1% to 100% (Increase the original bid from 0% to100%)
Decrease by : From -1% to -90% (Decrease the original bid from -1% to 90%)
*If the bid adjustment rate is “0%,” bids will not change.
*Set in units of 1% with single-byte numbers.

・How to calculate the bid when adjusted
The final bid price is determined by multiplying the original bid and each bid adjustment rate for the target setting of an Ad group/Ad.

Examples of calculations for bid prices are as follows:
<Example Setting>

ItemSet amount
Ad Group Bid40 JPY
Geographic Locationtokyo_pref+20%

<Example Calculation>
Actual bid adjustment rate= Gender× Age × Device
Bid=40 JPY×180% = 72 JPY

For the following targeting, the maximum bid adjustment rate will be applied if one internet user matches to more than one specified list (category).
-Audience list targeting
-Search keyword targeting
-Content keyword targeting
-Placement targeting
-Audience category targeting
-Site category targeting

When the settings are “travel:+100%” “housing:+20%” minivan:+50%,” the bid adjustment for a user who is interested in all of them will be “100% (Max) +100% (Original)=200%.”

How to set bid adjustment rate
You can set a bid adjustment rate for each targeting on the targeting list on Campaign Management Tool. 

  • For "day of week/hours" targeting, you can set a bid adjustment rate when creating or editing an ad group.
  • For targeting options other than age, gender, or device, targeting options not set to the ad group will not appear in the targeting list.

How to set bid adjustment rates

  1. From the side menu, click the targeting option.
  2. Hold the pointer over the content in the "Bid adjustment" column, and then the edit icon will appear. Click on the icon.
  3. Select "Increase" or "Decrease" and enter the bid adjustment rate. 
  4. Click "Apply."

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