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Create Dynamic Ads for Display's campaigns, ad groups and ads

*Dynamic Ads for Display is available for the specific customers. “Item list promotion” appears on the create-new-campaign page when it is available.

Before you create campaigns, ad groups, and ads for Dynamic Ads for Display, upload your item list and wait for the review to complete.
The following sections describe how to create each element for Dynamic Ads for Display.

Create a campaign
Create an ad group
Create a Dynamic Ads for Display ads
Check how ads show

Create a campaign

For Dynamic Ads for Display, select the following goal.

To create an “Item list promotion” campaign, you must have one or more approved items on your item list. If the “Approved” is zero, you can’t select “Item list promotion.”

Create an ad group

Create an ad group under the campaign you created in the preceding step.
Select the following items:

  • Items
    From the list, select an item set.
    The item set is required. If you don’t have an item set, use “Default item set.” Learn more about “What is Dynamic Ads for Display.”
  • Audience list
    Select an audience list. To deliver ads, select “Allow.” To not deliver ads, select “Exclude.”
    When you don't have an audience list, use the "default list" (a list automatically created when setting up site retargeting) for ad delivery.
    You need to have a audience list set as "Allow."
    For Dynamic Ads for Display, Audience list (similar users) isn't available.

Learn more about "Create ad groups."

When you create and deliver different ads for each item set, set targeting options (such as age, gender, location) based on the contents of your ad.

Dynamic Ads for Display

Create an ad under the campaign and ad group you created in the preceding step.
Learn more about creating Dynamic Ads for Display in Create ad groups.

Check how ads show

You can use the "Dynamic Ads for Display Simulator" to check how your ads appear. *The simulator is only available in Japanese.
Visit the "Dynamic Ads for Display Simulator" and enter the required fields.
*Ad preview isn’t available for Dynamic Ads for Display on the Campaign Management Tool.

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