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How to use Recommendations

"Recommendations" on Display Ads (Auction) can be checked and applied on the Campaign Editor for Display Ads.
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How to display "Recommendations" page

Click "Recommendations" button on the menu bar in the main view of the Campaign Editor.

User interface

(1) Campaign NameClick the campaign name to check and edit the settings of the campaign on the main view.
(2) DraftThe setting items can be edited on the field of draft values.
(3) Copy all recommended valuesClick to copy all recommended values on the list to the "Draft" field.
 Click to copy the recommended value on the same line to the "Draft" field.
(5) Apply the draft valueIt applies the values entered in the "Draft" field to the main view.
(6) CheckboxCheck the checkbox for keywords to be added to "Search keyword list".
(7) Search keyword list nameYou can review and edit the settings of the "Search keyword list" on the main view by cilck on the name of the list.
(8) Add checked keywordsAdd keywords that you checked its checkbox to the search keyword list.

Data added, changed, or deleted, and targeting set in the Campaign Editor are applied to the account data of the Campaign Management tool by uploading.
The changes will not be applied to the Campaign Management tool if the Campaign Editor is quit without uploading the data.
Upload Data

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