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Create Ads to Promote Mobile App

With Display Ads (Auction), the ads for app promotion can be created by setting the campaign goal "app promotion".
Here are the features and how to create ads for "app promotion".

Example of ad for app promotion

When a user taps the ad, it will directly move on to the website where Apps are installed.

The feature of campaigns for "app promotion"

Optimize ad delivery to maximize conversions.

The campaigns with the campaign type "app promotion" optimize ad delivery to maximize conversions such as app install.

When setting autobidding, the optimization targets the conversion via click only. The conversion via video view is out of scope.
Note that it counts conversions via video view of the campaign for "app promotion" only on "Responsive (video)".

Various formats for ad delivery

Ad delivery with various contents format such as text, image, video for the campaign goal "app promotion" is available.
Selectable ad type: text, banner (image), responsive (image/video)

Set an app for a single campaign

App information (such as app name, OS for app) to be promoted should be set on campaign level. It cannot be changed later on.

Lowest limit of OS version can be targeted.

By indicating the lowest limit of OS version, the ads would only be delivered to the devices which can use the App ads to optimized users. It will help to deliver your ads to best users.

Only for “Smartphone” and “Tablet”

Ads will not be delivered to PC, delivered only to “Smartphone” and “Tablet”.

Tracking the install (conversion)

To measure App install, you need to use third-party tracking tools integrated with Display Ads.
Please refer the following page for the details.
First Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion)


SKAdNetwork is available for tracking iOS app.

Learn more on SKAdNetwork measurement support for iOS app

How to create ads for app promotion

  1. Create a campaign
    On the Campaign Management Tool, select a campaign with the campaign type "Mobile app".
    Campaign goalSelect "App promotion"
    App nameEnter the name of app to promote.
    Entered app name can be set as the item for ad's "Advertiser indication" automatically.
    App OSSelect the OS of app to promote.
    App ID/Package nameFor "iOS": Enter the app ID.
    For "Android": Enter the package name.

    See the help page "Create campaigns" to learn more about creating steps.

  2. Create Ad Group
    Create an ad group under the campaign created on step 1. Please refer the following page for the details of how to create ad group.
    Create Ad Group
    The lowest OS version targeting can be set on Ad group level.
    Device Targeting
  3. Create ads
    Create an ad under the Ad group created on Step 2 above.
    Please refer the following for the specific settings (auto generated amount etc.) of the campaigns for "app promotion".
    Display URLIt will automatically generated based on fixed amount of “App OS” set for Campaign. (It cannot be changed.)
    ・For iOS:
    ・For Android:
    Destination URL

    *Only for the destination URL format. Creating a new setting and editing are not available.

    Final URL

    *For the final URL format only.
    Enter the URL of app store page.

    Don't use deep linking. It may not work correctly.
    Advertiser Indication“App Name” will automatically set as entered when creating a Campaign. Other information besides “App Name” cannot be set.
    When you need to change the “Advertiser Indication” due to the result of editorial review “Paused” or “Removed,” re-create the campaign to change the “App Name.”
    If the App name is longer than the limit, omitted indication can be used: indication which may be confusing with other App names cannot be used.

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