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What is autobidding

Autobidding is a bid strategy that automatically adjusts bids to get as many conversions as possible while keeping the target CPA.
Your bids are automatically optimized, so you can expect smaller workloads when managing your ads. The autobidding setting is available at the campaign level.
Learn more about "Bid strategy."

Autobidding types
Available autobidding types by campaign goal
Bid optimization
Account structure

Autobidding types

The autobidding is available for the following campaign goals on Display Ads (Auction).

  • Target CPA (tCPA)
    Bid amount will be automatically adjusted to acquire the most conversion as possible while maintaining the target conversion cost (tCPA).
    Learn more details on “About autobidding settings and adjustments”.
  • Maximize Conversions
    Automatically adjusts the bid to maximize conversions within the specified campaign daily budget.
    Learn more details on “Auto Bidding Type "Maximize Conversions"”.
  • Maximize Clicks
    Automatically adjusts the bid to maximize clicks within the specified campaign daily budget.
  • Maximize video views
    Automatically adjusts the bid to maximize video views within the specified campaign daily budget.

Available autobidding types by campaign goal

The available autobidding type differs depending on the campaign goal.

Campaign goalAutobidding types
ConversionTarget CPA (tCPA)
Maximize Conversions
App promotionTarget CPA (tCPA)
Maximize Conversions
Website trafficMaximize Clicks
Video viewMaximize video views
Item list promotionTarget CPA (tCPA)
Maximize Conversions

*The autobidding cannot be set for the campaign goal “Brand awareness”.
*Campaign goal "Item list promotion" is available for specific accounts.

Bid optimization

When you use autobidding, the system reads information about ad delivery and audience, and optimizes your bids.
Bid optimization mainly uses the following information:

Internet users’ informationPlacement information
Interested category
When the audience visited (week, hour)
Website visits
Search terms in the past
Ad performance
Audience list
Ad delivery informationAd type
Ad performance

Account structure

Autobidding uses information for optimization, so you don't need to create separate campaigns or ad groups based on audience information such as age or gender. If you have ad groups for each age or gender group to adjust bid, organize them and make your account structure simple.
Note, to make multiple ad groups into one, integrate the ads of other ad groups into the ad group that has the most actual values of the indexes (conversions or clicks, video views) that are targeted for optimization.

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