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About ad delivery to partner sites

This page describes the ad delivery to Yahoo! JAPAN partner sites.

About ad delivery to partner sites

Your Display Ads appear on Yahoo! JAPAN partners' websites in addition to Yahoo! JAPAN pages. Your ads may appear on other media via Yahoo! JAPAN partners.

How ads are delivered

In Display Ads, your ads go through the “Ad Auction” and get “Auction Ranks.” The auction rank decides the ad to be delivered or not. Learn more about How ads are delivered.
Depending on the partner, there may be additional auctions such as SSP and header bidding. Regardless of the Yahoo! Ads auction rank, you won't be charged when your ads don't appear due to the additional auctions.

About the quality of ad places

To ensure the quality of ad places, the human and system review and patrol them 24 hours a day.
We approve our partners mainly based on our Ad Delivery Guidelines. After ad delivery starts, we maintain ad places by checking the website contents and ad delivery status in addition to monitoring the entire ad network. We continuously patrol the website's ad display settings in point of Ad Implementation Guidelines.
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