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With image ads, the image must be added from the Campaign Management Tool.
Learn how to add an image on the new ad management tool.

About image delivery type

You can select the following image delivery type for Display Ads (Auction).

  • Image
    An image to display as ad. The image appears in your banner and responsive ads.
  • Logo
    The images appear as logos in your responsive ads, Dynamic Ads for Display, or Carousel ads.
    *Dynamic Ads for Display are available for specific accounts.
  • Video thumbnail
    The images appear as thumbnails before and after your video ads.
  • Campaign banner
    The images for Dynamic Ads for Display to show sale or campaign information.

Notes when adding an image

  • Added images will be reviewed.
  • Up to a maximum of 1000 image files can be added to an account.
  • An error message will show when the image file is damaged. You won’t be able to add the image.
  • The pixel size and aspect ratio of the image differs depending on the device and ad type. If you add an image not supported by the device or ad type, it may be displayed incorrectly. Learn more about image pixel size in the following guidelines.
    Banner (image) [Guidelines]
    Responsive (image) [Guidelines]
    Dynamic Ads for Display [Guidelines]
  • For Responsive ads and Dynamic Ads for Display, the images added for ads may be cropped in either vertical or horizontal symmetry to fit the ad placement. See the following about the cropped area.
    • Responsive ads and Dynamic Ads for Display: Up to 20%
      *The cropping isn't always 20%, it may be a slight crop such as 1 or 5%.
  • Image for Responsive ads may be cropped to fit the ad page.
    You can use the "Display Ads image simulator for smartphones" to check how the image will be displayed on smartphones.
  • The added image needs to be associated with the ad when creating or editing the ad.
    Only images with the review status “Approved” or “Pending” can be associated with the ad.
    Learn more about steps to create and edit the ad on the following help page.
    Create ads
    Edit campaigns, ad groups, and ads
For smartphones
When delivering ads for smartphones, using the double (600x500, 640x200, 640x100) or more pixel-size images in the same aspect ratio is recommended. The smartphones usually have higher screen resolution than PC, and your ads appear more clearly when you use the images that are more than double size.
For images with aspect ratio 6:5, create a 600×500 pixel image, double-size or more of the minimum size 300x250.
You can check how your image looks in the 画像広告のスマートフォン表示シミュレーター (image simulator for smartphones). Drag and drop your image in the gray area at the lower part of the page. (The page isn't available in English.)

Adding an image from the image view

  1. Open the create or edit ad view on Campaign Management Tool.
    Learn the details in the following help pages.
  2. Click “Add image” in the set items of each image (such as "image" and "logo") of the ad creative view.
  3. Select the image file to add.
    For Responsive ads (image), the "Aspect ratio and cropping" view will appear after selecting the image file.
    In the "aspect ratio" item, you can select the aspect ratio of the adding image.
    By dragging and moving the border line on the image, or zooming in and out, you can trim and resize the image.

    • The image may be automatically compressed by the system when cropping the image.
    • Images smaller than the minimum pixel size cannot be cropped.
    • GIF format images will be converted to PNG format and added after cropping is done. To add an image in GIF format, prepare an image with the pixel size listed in the Ad Insertion Rules.
    • You can also select GIF format animation images, but the first frame of the animation will be added as a PNG format image, animated images in GIF format cannot be added.
  4. The image will be added and appear in the list.
    When adding an image fails, the result view that appears and you can check the details.

Adding an image from the common library

  1. In the upper right corner of the new platform, click the tools icon.
  2. Click “Images” in “Common library”.
  3. The images view will be displayed.
  4. Click “Add image” and select the image delivery type。
    You can add video thumbnails by any of the following method.
    • Video thumbnail (Extract from video):
      Select the video to be extract, then add any scene in the video as a video thumbnail.
    • Video thumbnail (Select image file):
      Image files can be added as video thumbnails.
  5. Try one of the following on the area to add a video that shows at the top of view.
    • Click “Select a file” and select the image file to add
    • Drag and drop the video file within the “Drag and drop to add” dashed area
  6. The added video will be displayed in the Images.

    • The added image file name will be set as media name.
      Click the pencil icon that shows when you mouse-over the media name. You can change the media name.
    • You can add image from the create and edit ad view.
    • Images with the following setting or ads with video thumbnail won’t be delivered.
      • The review status is “Removed” or “Declined”
      • Image or video thumbnail is deleted
      • Display settings are "Off" *For images only
    • Logos and campaign banners won’t be displayed with the following setting.
      • The review status is “Removed” or “Declined”
      • Logo or campaign banner is deleted
        *Ads will be delivered. Dynamic Ads for Display won’t be delivered if logos are not displayed.
When you have an error message such as follows on adding images, confirm the described actions:
  • Error message: "Can't add the following file.

    The system compressed your images, but the file size was still too large (more than 150KB) to upload. Make your file size 150KB or less and upload it again."
    Action: As a result of automatic compression of the added image on the system side, if the capacity does not become 150KB or less, an error will occur and uploading will not be possible.

  • Error message: "Can't add transparent images."
    Action: You cannot add transparent images for ads. Please change to an image that does not include the transparent part and add again. For how to change the image, refer to the manual of your image processing software.

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