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Images view

You can use "Images" view to manage images added to an account.
You can add new creatives, edit display settings, and change media names.

Display “Images” view

  1. In the upper right corner of the new platform, click the spanner shaped tools icon.
  2. Click “Images” in “Common library”.
  3. The videos view will be displayed.

About view

Details of the view are as follows.

You can check the images added using the former Campaign Management Tool from the images list.

(1) “Add image” button

Click “Add image” to add a new image file and select the image delivery type from the following.

  • Image
  • Logo
  • Video thumbnail (Extract from video):
    Select the video to be extract, then add any scene in the video as a video thumbnail.
  • Video thumbnail (Select image file):
    Image files can be added as video thumbnails.
  • Campaign banner

Learn more about how to “Add images.”

(2) "Columns" button

You can edit the items in the list of images.

(3) “Download” button

You can download the image information by CSV format.
* You can’t download the image file.

(4) Status

You can turn on or off the ad by clicking the items.
Logo, video thumbnail, and campaign banner can’t be changed.

The image won’t be delivered when turned off.

(5) Thumbnail

The thumbnail of your image appears. A preview window will display and you can check the expanded image.

(6) Media Name

The media name of your image appears.
Click the pencil icon that shows when you mouseover the media name. You can edit the media name.

When you add a new image, the uploaded file name will be added as the media name.

(7) Image delivery type

The image type you selected appears. Available image types vary depending on the account you are using.

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