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How to use “Recommendations”

You can check and apply the suggestions for your account in "Recommendations."
Learn more details of Recommendations.

How to view “Recommendations”


There are two ways to view the recommendation.

  • From the sidebar menu, click “Recommendations.”
  • When you have one or more new recommendations, a dialog appears in the bottom right. Click “View recommendations.”

“Recommendations” view

(1) Click the campaign name to edit.
*You can't click the campaign name for the "Convert your campaigns to Display Ads (Auction)" recommendation. To convert them, click the link that appears.
(2) When you click “Apply all,” the recommended budget applies to all suggested campaigns.
(3) When you click “Apply,” the recommended budget applies to the selected campaign.
(4) Click the search keyword list name to edit.
(5) When you click "Add keyword," the recommended keyword applies to the selected search keyword list.
(6) Click "Create ads", then the creating ads page for the campaign is displayed.

  • The recommended budget can be extremely high. If the recommended budget is too high, your ad cost may be unexpectedly expensive. Be careful when you set the budget.
  • Recommendations update regularly, so you may see some of them not matching your current settings.
  • Recommendations displayed in the past cannot be checked.
  • Recommendations appear based on your account status, and there may be no recommendations.

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