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How to use “Recommendations”

You can check and apply the suggestions for your account in "Recommendations."
Learn more details of Recommendations.

How to view "Recommendatons"
"Recommendations" view

How to view “Recommendations”

There are two ways to view the recommendation.

  • From the sidebar menu, click “Recommendations.”
  • When you have one or more new recommendations, a dialog appears in the bottom right. Click “View recommendations.”

"Recommendations" view

Campaigns that reached the daily budget
Campaigns that have a large lost impression share (budget)
Suggestions for using autobidding (target CPA)

(1) Click the campaign name to go to the edit screen.
(2) When you click “Apply all”, the recommended budget will be applied to all the suggested campaigns.
(3) When you click “Apply”, the recommended budget will be applied to the selected campaign.

The recommended budget for Recommendations can be extremely high. If the recommended budget is too high, your ad cost may be unexpectedly expensive. Be careful when you set the budget.

Search keywords suggested to be added

(4) Click the search keyword list name to edit.
(5) When you click "Add keyword," the suggested keyword applies to the selected search keyword list.

Campaigns to suggest adding ads

(6) Click "Create ads", then the creating ads page for the campaign is displayed.

Running campaigns that require the final URL format

(7) Click the campaign name to view the list of all ads under the campaign.
(8) You can check how many ads are being delivered that need to be converted, on a campaign-by-campus basis.
A total number of active ads (campaign, ad group, and ad are turned on at the time of system count.) using a destination URL format appears at the “Number of ads using destination URL format”.

  • Since the suggestion is updated at regular intervals, proposals that do not match the current setting status may be displayed depending on the timing.
  • You can’t check the recommendations of the past.
  • Recommendations appear based on your account status, and there may be no recommendations.

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