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First setting for tracking app install (conversion)

The following measures are required for app install tracking in Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads (Auction).

  1. Install the tool described on the “List of Ad Effectiveness Tracking Tools that support app install tracking and Required Parameters”
  2. Set up conversion tracking on the Campaign Management Tool
  3. Set up the install tracking URL in the ad to be delivered

Learn more about app install tracking in the following pages.

Mechanism for app install tracking

* What is an SDK?
An SDK is a set of programs etc. required for software development.



Setting procedure on Campaign Management Tool

Setting conversion tracking

  1. Click the "Display Ads" tab on the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the tool icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click “Conversion tracking” on the displayed menu.
  4. Click “Create New Conversion Tracking” on the “Conversion Tracking” screen.
  5. When the Create New Conversion Tracking screen is displayed, enter the following items.
    Item NameDescription
    Conversion NameEnter the name to identify Conversion tracking in 100 characters or less, full-width or half-width characters permitted. Enter the name based on the purpose of tracking or setting conditions of the tag to be easily identified.
    The same conversion name can not be used in an account.
    Conversion TypeSelect “App.”
    Select “Web” to track conversions on websites. Refer to “First Setting of Conversion Tracking for Website” regarding conversion tracking on websites.
    App OSSelect the app OS that is the target of install tracking, from the following. Select the same OS as the OS of the app set in the campaign.
    • iOS
    • Android
    App ID/package nameEnter an app ID/package name of the app that is the target of install tracking. Enter an app ID/package name that is the same as that for campaign setting.
    • For “iOS” : Enter app ID.
    • For “Android” : Enter package name.
    Tracking purposeFixed to “Other.” Cannot be changed.
    Conversion windowEnter the conversion tracking period (number of days starting the ad click to the conversion) from 7 to 90 days, with half-width numerals.
    The actual tracking period may be different due to the specifications of the Ad Effectiveness Tracking Tool being used.
    Conversion window (video)Enter the conversion tracking period (number of days starting the video view to the conversion) from 1 to 30 days, with half-width numerals. Default setting is “1.”
    * Displayed only when video ads can be used. Refer to “Tracking conversions after video view” for details.
    Counting optionFixed to “One.” Cannot be changed.
    Include to conversions

    Select whether conversions to be tracked with this setting are used for Auto Bidding.
    Select “Include” to use for Auto Bidding.
    Select “Exclude” not to use for Auto Bidding.
    If “Exclude” is selected, numbers are included in the item of “Total No. of conversions” including a campaign, but not in the item of “No. of conversions.”
    Bid strategy

    When selecting “select conversion settings to be used for optimizing by campaign” at ”Conversion action for optimization” of campaign, this setting will not be applied. The conversion setting selected for the campaign or the conversion measured by the conversion group will be counted in “Conversions” and it will be used for optimizing.
    Value per conversionFixed to “0.” Cannot be changed.
  6. Click “Create.”

Setting on New Ad screen

Sets the URL for install tracking that has been issued by the tool supplier as the destination URL (for the destination URL format type) or the tracking URL (for the final URL format type) of the ad on the New Ad screen.
At that time, check that the required parameters are listed in the “List of Ad Effectiveness Tracking Tools that support app install tracking and Required Parameters.” If not listed, add parameters to the URL.

* Learn more about the detail of creating ads at “Create ads.”


When you track view-through conversion, set the URL issued by your tracking tool at the field of viewable impression beacon.

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