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Copy elements

You can copy and paste elements (campaigns, ad groups, and ads) to save your time On the Campaign Management Tool.

Copy and paste elements
Check status


  • You can copy the existing elements and paste to create a new one.
  • When you copy a campaign or ad group, you will have entities under it in the new campaign or ad group.
  • You can work on different things while the system pastes your elements background.
  • Check the status in the “Copy status.”
  • You can copy and paste following elements.
    • Campaign
    • Ad group
    • Ad
  • You can copy ads only in the final URL format. When selecting some ads in the destination URL format for copying, those ads are not copied.
    Note that when some ads are skipped to be copied, those ads are displayed as "Copied (some skipped)" at the results on the "Copy status" view, however you cannot now which ads were skipped specifically. Learn more about the "Copy status" view on "Check status".

Copy and paste elements

To duplicate your elements, take the following steps:

  1. Copy elements
  2. Paste elements

Copy elements

  1. From the sidebar menu, select the level of the element (campaign, ad group, or ad).
  2. Select the element you want to copy in the list.
    • When you select an element, “Bulk edits” appears at the upper list.
    • You can select multiple elements and copy them at the same time.
  3. Click “Bulk edits.” Select copy menu.
    The following menu appears depending on the selected level.
    • Copy campaigns
    • Copy ad groups
    • Copy ads
      You can’t select the menu in the following cases:
      *Click the yellow triangle icon to find the reason why you can’t copy.
      • Multiple elements under the different campaigns or ad groups are selected.
      • The ads that have review status “Declined” or “Removed” are included.
      Following keyboard shortcuts are also available for copying elements.
      • For Windows : Ctrl+C.
      • For Mac :command+C
  4. The element is copied, and “Paste” appears at the upper list.

Paste elements

  1. Click “Paste” that appears after you copied the elements.
    Following keyboard shortcuts are also available for pasting elements.
    • For Windows : Ctrl+V
    • For Mac : command+V
  2. When you selected an ad group or ad: select the level (campaign or ad group) to paste.
    • When you copy a campaign, skip this step.
    • You can change where to paste after Step 3.
  3. Set a status for the new element
    Each level has different settings.
    CampaignAd groupAd
  4. Click “Paste.”
    “Pasting...” message appears.
    While pasting, the following actions are available.
    • Run in the background
      You can close the pasting window and run in the background. Click this button when you want to work on different things.
    • Cancel
      You can stop the pasting process.
  5. A message appears when the pasting completes.
  • Up to 100 elements per action.
  • The following examples describe the cases you can’t paste:
    • Campaign goals differ between copying and pasting elements.
      (Only when the goals are “Video view,” “Item list promotion,” or “App promotion.)
    • App names, app OS, or app ID differ between copying and pasting elements.
      (Only for the goal “Item list promotion”)
    • The ad group has device targeting except for smartphones and tablets when pasting to the “App promotion” campaign.
    • The copied new ad group’s bid or target CPA isn’t available for the campaign’s bid strategy.
  • The "Results" column in “Copy status” shows the detailed reason for not completing the paste process.

Check status

When you paste and copy a large number of elements, the process may take time.
You can check the paste status in the Display Ads’ campaign management tool.

Check the message

A message appears in the top right corner when the pasting completes.

Check the copy status

You can always check the paste status from Tools icon > Copy status under Action management.

The following status appear in the “Copy status.”
WaitingThe pasting process hasn’t started.
CompletedThe pasting process is finished.
Copied (some skipped)Some ads (in the destination URL format) are skipped and not copied.
FailedThe pasting process was failed.
Pasting (xx%)The pasting process is running.
CanceledThe pasting process is stopped.
You can stop the pasting process while the status is “Pasting.”
Click “Cancel” to stop.