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Geo targeting

You can set the geographic locations your ads will be displayed, and ads are delivered when the set location and the location attribute of the Internet user match.

How to specify locations
Set up geo targeting
Remove geo-targeting settings in bulk

How to specify locations

■Specify location name

Select locations at the location levels as below, and set it for the ad group. Multiple locations can be selected.

  • Prefecture
  • City, ward, county
  • With default settings, no location is selected. Your ads will be delivered to all internet users without no relation to location.
  • The accuracy of targeting is not guaranteed by Yahoo! Japan. Selected settings and other factors may cause inaccuracies with this targeting.

■Specify radius

There are two ways to set up radius targeting. You can use both geo (locations) targeting and radius targeting.

  • Specify using a pin
  • Enter a spot name, address, zip code, or latitude and longitude. Then specify a location based on the suggestions.
  • If the location and radius overlap in the same ad groups, ad delivery and reports for that area will differ based on your bid adjustment rate.
    The details are as follows.
    -Ads will run when the bid adjustment rates for the location and radius targetings are the same. Radius targeting will have priority on the reports.
    -Ads that have higher bid adjustment rates will run and show on the reports when they have different rates.
  • Your ads won't appear in unavailable locations, such as outside Japan, regardless of your settings.
  • Your ads won't run regardless of your settings if you specify an area that has a small audience (An ad group determines the number of an audience). To check the result, see the performance report.
  • Target more locations if your ads aren't running:
    -Specify wider locations
    -Make the same ad groups have the radius targeting
  • Don't narrow down your audience too much. You may lose ad delivery chances.

Set up geo targeting

There are two ways to set up geo targeting. Either procedure can be used for setup.

Select the ad group in “Edit” from the geo-targeting list screen and set up
Set from the create ad group screen or ad group

Select the ad group in “Edit” from the geo-targeting list screen and set up

  1. From the sidebar menu, click “Location.”
  2. Click “Edit.”
  3. Select the campaigns containing the ad group for targeting, then click the ad group.
  4. Click "Continue."
  5. Select "Specify locations."
  6. Select "Location" or "Radius."
  7. Specify locations for ad delivery.
    ■Selecting "Location"
    Enter a checkmark in the prefecture, city, ward, or county.
    If "V" on the right of the prefecture name is clicked, the cities list can be displayed.
    ■Selecting "Radiuses"
    Place the pin in the location where you want to deliver the ads, and click.
    Select "Add", after entering radiuses in kilometers.
    Or, enter the name of the spot in the search box, press the magnifying glass icon, and select the location based on the suggestions.
    Select "add," after entering radiuses.
  8. Click “Set.”

Set from the create ad group screen or ad group

  1. Click “Targeting” > “Location” in the “Create ad group” screen or in the edit screen for the “Ad group settings”>"Specify locations."
  2. Refer to step 7 in Select the ad group in "Edit" from the geo-targeting list screen and set up.
  3. Click “Create” or “Save.”

Remove geo-targeting settings in bulk

You can remove geo-targeting settings by the following methods.

Remove geo-targeting settings in a batch

  1. Click “Location” on the side menu.
  2. Add a check in the field to the left of the locations to be removed.
  3. Click “Bulk edit.”
  4. Click “Remove targeting settings.”
  5. Click the “Remove” button.
When all settings have been removed, all internet users are targeted for ad delivery with no relation to location.

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