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Check performance data

Performance data for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads can be checked on various lists screens for campaigns or targeting, etc. You can see the figures for specific metrics in graphs, and compare the figures for different periods.
On the default screen, impressions, cost and other main metrics can be checked. If necessary, please add, remove and sort those metrics.

Check Performance Data

  1. Display the Display Ads management tool
  2. Check campaign performance data on the "Campaigns" screen.
    On the total line at the top, the figures total within the period will be displayed.
    • Ad groups:
      Click the campaign that includes the ad group on the “Campaigns” screen
      Click “Ad group” at the left menu on the “Campaigns” screen
    • Ads:
      Click the campaign that includes the ad on the “Campaigns” screen. Click the ad group that includes the applicable ads on the displayed ad groups list.
      Click “Ad” at the left menu of the “Campaigns” screen.
    • Targeting:
      Click the targeting to be checked at the left menu of the “Campaigns” screen
  3. To change the period, click the date at the top right, then specify the period from the menu.

    Periods can be selected from frequently-used period units, such as yesterday or last month.
    To designate period freely, click “Custom” and specify the desired period on the calendar, then click the “Apply” button.

Display performance data for different periods

Performance data for different periods can be displayed in parallel on the screen. This will be useful when comparing the data to last month or last quarter, etc.

  1. Display the Display Ads management tool.
  2. Campaigns list appears.
    To check numbers for things other than campaigns such as ad group and targeting, etc., display other list screens just as for step 2 in “Check Performance Data.”
  3. Click on the date display to the top right, and select “Custom” in the displayed menu.
  4. Click on “Compare” (changes to blue).
  5. Enter the base period in the “Display Period” field in the blue box
    Specify the date on the calendar or enter in “yyyy/mm/dd” format via single byte numbers.
  6. Enter the period to compare in the orange field.
    Click “Specify period” and select “Previous same period,” then the period of the same number of days closest to the based period will automatically be entered.
  7. When specification is finished, press “Apply” button.
  8. The values for the two specified periods will be displayed in the list.

Display performance data in graphs

In each of the List screens for campaign, ad group, and ad, performance data values can be displayed in a graph on the list. Up to two performance data items can be displayed in a graph.

For details on various performance data items, learn from help below.
Display Ads (YDN) Glossary (Help - Japanese version)
  1. Display the Display Ads management tool.
  2. “Campaigns” screen is displayed and the graph will be displayed in the upper part.
    In the default settings, “Impressions” and “Clicks” are displayed.
    Click on “Impressions” and “Clicks” and from the menu that is displayed, switch to other display items.
    Also, by removing the check mark next to “Impressions” or “Clicks,” a graph can be hidden.

    To check values for ad group or ad, just as for step 2 in “Check Performance Data,” display another list screen.

Edit display items for Performance Data

The performance data display items can be added to, deleted or re-arranged. Depending on the list screen type, the items that can be displayed will differ.

  1. Display the Display Ads management tool.
  2. In the campaigns screen click the “Display Items” button and select “Edit Display Items”.
    To edit other lists such as for ad group, just as for step 2 in “Check Performance Data,” display another list screen.
  3. Edit display items screen will be displayed.
    Items currently being displayed will be displayed to the right, and on the list to the left those items are checked.
    To add items, put a check mark for the item to be added in the list to the left. Because Items are added to the very bottom (on the list, at the far right), drag items to adjust to your desired display position.
    Click “x” in names of items not to be displayed.

    Also, you can save the state of the edited display item by entering a check mark in "Save Display Item Settings" and entering the display item settings name in the adjoining blank field. This is handy when you want to display changed items.
  4.  Click “Apply” button after editing.

    After the display items settings have been saved, you can switch to the saved settings and display with the “Display items” button.

Switch display for performance data

Your performance data can be displayed by day/week/month, by device, by age group, etc. The values related to impression share can be displayed by day/week/month only.

  1. isplay the Display Ads management tool.
  2. In the campaigns screen click the "Segment" button to choose a segment type.

    * Sample image with segment (it varies with selected items for segment)

    • The total of the numbers after segmented may not match the value before segmented.
    • It may take time for displaying large number of data.
    • Performance data after segmented can't be downloaded in CSV file.