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Targeting settings

Targeting is a functionality for delivering ads to internet users who fulfill specified criteria by specifying in advance such criteria as gender and region at the ad group level.
Targeting can be set only for one type or by combining multiple items.

Targeting that can be set with Display Ads (Auction)
On Targeting Lists

Targeting that can be set with Display Ads (Auction)

Targeting that can be set with Display Ads (Auction) is as follows. For details of setting methods, etc. refer to the various targeting pages:

  • Devices
    Set devices for ad delivery. OS or platform (web/app) may also be set together with this.
    Learn more details on Device targeting
  • Gender
    Set gender of internet user for ad delivery. 
    Learn more details on Gender targeting
  • Age
    Set age of internet user for ad delivery.
    Learn more details on Age targeting
  • Search keywords
    Ads are delivered based on the search history of the user who has conducted a keyword search via Yahoo! JAPAN main search, etc. in the past.
    Learn more details on Search keyword targeting
  • Audience list
    Deliver ads (or do not deliver ads) to users in your list by creating an audience list based on different types of data sources (audience sources). Learn more details on Audience list targeting
  • Audience category
    A new targeting functionality that replaces the Interest Categories for Display Ads (YDN). Ads are delivered to users that have curiosity or concern about specified categories.
    Learn more details on Audience category targeting
  • Placement
    Specify a site for ad delivery (ad placement place ).
    Learn more details on Placement targeting
  • Site category
    Specify category of website (ad placement place) to deliver ad.
    Learn more details on Site category targeting
  • Day of week/hours
    Specify the days of the week and time zones to deliver ads.
    Learn more details on Day of week/hours targeting
  • Geographic locations
    Specify locations to deliver ads at the prefecture and city level.
    Learn more details on Geographic targeting
  • The number of ad impressions may decrease by narrowing down ad delivery target with targeting settings.
  • When not all targeting has been set, delivery will be to any internet user.

Targeting Lists

With a targeting list, targeting that has been set in ad groups can be checked by type. Performance data confirmation and bid price adjustment rate changes can be done for each targeting. Targeting lists can be displayed on the side menu (settings items).

  • When new targeting settings are added, data before the addition cannot be checked. And, in the targeting list for each gender, age and device, the values before targeting was set are displayed.
  • With device targeting, gender targeting, and age targeting, setting may be changed using ”on” and “off” displayed by clicking on the “settings” column.
  • When a pen mark is displayed in “Bid Adjustment” you can click to change the rate of bid adjustment. Following targeting is not included:
    - Search keyword
    - Audience list
    - Placement
  • Using the Filter functionality, data on various list screens may be displayed with specified criteria.
    Learn more on Use filters
  • Information being edited or displayed on items displayed in targeting list can be downloaded.
    Learn more on About Display Ads management tool