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Conversion Analytics

Conversion tracking is a function to count conversions (any beneficial action such as purchasing a product, member registration, material request or installing an app, etc.) by users who browse or click on ads posted on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads to visit those websites. Use of conversion tracking enables verification of ad effectiveness.

For Display Ads, the following two types of conversions can be tracked.

Conversions on websites

To track conversions on a website, a conversion tracking tag must be installed on the customer website.
If a conversion tracking tag is installed on a transaction complete page on the customer’s website, a conversion is generated when a visitor reaches the transaction complete page.
Cookie information from the visitor’s browser and login information are checked to see if the visitor clicked the customer’s posted ad, and any click history within the counting period (7 to 90 days) is counted as a valid conversion. The visitor's browser must be set to accept cookies, however.
Also tracking methods using login information enable you to count conversions across devices (terminals) such as clicking on the ad on a PC to purchase via smartphone.
To track conversions, a conversion tag must be issued using the Campaign Management Tool to be installed on the customer site.
See “First Setting of Conversion Tracking for Website” for a detailed description of setting method.

App install

To track the app install as a conversion, an Ad Effectiveness Measurement Tool linked with Display Ads (Auction) must be installed. Setting of the conversion tracking tag is not required.
To learn about the details of App install tracking, see “First Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion).”

  • Where conversions have been tracked in Display Ads (YDN), you can convert to Display Ads (Auction) format campaigns and then continue tracking them. The tags do not need to be changed.
  • Conversion tracking data can be checked on the list of ad insertions such as campaigns in the Campaign Management Tool, or on the Conversion tracking list. See “Check Conversion Data” for detailed procedures.