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Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Help

Common library and other features

The Campaign Management Tool has a "Tools" icon on the top bar that links to a variety of tools such as audience list, account balance, etc.

Common Library

Audience list

You can manage audience lists for audience list targeting. Learn more

Search keyword lists

You can manage search keyword lists. Learn more 

Placement lists

You can manage placement lists. Learn more

Item lists

You can manage item lists when using the campaign goal “Item list promotion.” Learn more


You can manage your images. Learn more
To create ads using images, see Create ads.


You can manage your videos. Learn more 

Conversion tracking

You can manage and set conversion tags that is required for conversion tracking. And it manages the conversion group that includes multiple conversion settings.
Learn more about details on the following help pages.

Action management

You can check the history of several operations on the tool and the copy status.

Change history (Operation history)

Check the operation history on the Campaign Management Tool.
Past operations both on Display Ads (Auction) and Display Ads (YDN) will be displayed.
Learn more on "Explore operation history of Display Ads (Auction)"

Copy status

It shows the results of your campaign, ad group, and ad copy and paste.
Learn more on "Copy elements"

Import status

It shows the import processing status and results of campaigns, ads, targeting settings, etc.
Learn more on "Bulk actions by importing files"

Convert to Display Ads (Auction) campaign

You can import CSV to convert YDN campaigns to Display Ads (Auction) format. You can check the status and result of the converting process.
Learn more on "Convert YDN campaigns to Display Ads (Auction) campaigns"

Billing & payments

You can check your transactions. 

Monthly statement

The monthly billing statement page appears. Learn more


The transactions page appears. Learn more


You can manage your payments (set up payment methods, confirm bank account or credit card information, etc.).

Learn more details about each option on the following pages:

Payment method and procedure (domestic wire transfer/credit card)
How to check registered credit card
How to Change Automatic Charge Amount
Monthly Automatic Charge

Documents for company overall

You can download your billing and credit card statements for Search Ads and Display Ads. Learn more


Fund transfer between accounts

From an account that belongs to the same company, you can transfer your account balance to another account.
*Fund transfers are unavailable for official agency accounts.


Account and access

Accounts (Administration)

You can set up and manage your account.
Switch tabs for each product (Search Ads, Display Ads, MCC) to display a list of settings such as contract status and account ID, and performance data such as account balance and cost.
Learn more on "Account List".

Download account information

You can download the following account informations.

  • For Display Ads : Usage information by account (cost, operation fee, etc.)
  • For Search Ads : Setting information and actual performance by account

*This feature is for limited customers.

Access (account)

You can manage access for each Yahoo! JAPAN Ads account. Additionally, you can invite a user to your account. Learn more

Access (by Yahoo! JAPAN business ID)

You can check the account access for each Yahoo! JAPAN business ID.
*It appears when you sign in with a tool admin access.

Related tools


Yahoo! Japan Business Manager

The “account information” of Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID will be seen.

Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager

The “Support tools” that existed in the previous platform will be seen.
*Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager is available in Japanese.

Accessible apps

A list of the apps that are accessible using your Yahoo! JAPAN business ID appears.

View this page in Japanese