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Associate audience list to ad group

After you create an audience list, you need to associate it with your ad group. 

  • You can associate up to 10 audience lists, including "allow" and "exclude," per ad group.
  • When you set multiple audience lists, if a user is included in one of the lists, the user is eligible for ad delivery.
  • The identical audience list cannot be applied to both “allow” and “exclude.”
Audiences in both “Allow” and “Exclude” lists won't see your ads. The "Exclude" list takes precedence.

There are two ways to associate an audience list with an ad group.

“Edit” in the "Audience lists" view
Ad group creation and settings view

Learn more about “Creating audience lists.”

 “Edit” in the "Audience lists" view

  1. From the sidebar menu, click “Audience lists.” 
  2. Click “Edit.”
  3. Select the campaign and the ad group, then click "Continue."
  4. Select "Specify audience lists," then "Allow" or "Exclude."
    To add or modify the audience list, click "Go to audience list."
  5. Click “Set.”

Ad group creation and settings view

  1. Click "Targeting" on the "Create ad group” screen or the “Edit ad group” screen > Select "Specify audience lists" in the "Audience list."
  2. Place a check beside the audience list(s) to be set. The selected lists will appear in the right column. Select "Allow" or "Exclude."
    To modify or create a list, click “Go to audience list.”
  3. Click “Create” or “Save.”

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