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Create ad groups

Creating ad group is required when creating campaign on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads. Once after created campaigns, you can add ad groups.
Follow the steps below to create ad group.

Creating an ad group by copying an existing ad group is also available.
Learn more on “Copy elements.”
  1. Access to the campaign management tool for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads.
  2. Select campaign to create an ad group for on the “Campaigns” screen.
  3. Click the “New ad group.”
    You can access to the “Create ad” screen also with the following steps.
    1. Click “Ad group” at the left of the “Campaigns” screen.
    2. Click “New ad group” button on the “Ad groups” screen.
    3. Select campaign that you are going to add a new ad group, then click “Continue to add an ad group.” 
  4. Enter the following items on the Creating ad group screen.
    Item nameDescription
    Ad group nameEnter a unique ad group name, up to 256 characters, counting both half and full-width characters as a single character.
    Display settingsSet display settings by each ad group.
    The ads will be delivered when it is on, the ads will not be delivered when it is off.
    Bid strategy

    The bid strategy for the campaign that you are going to add ad group will be displayed.

    Default, “Apply campaign bid” is specified and the bid amount set for the campaign is displayed.

    When set a bid by each ad group, select “Apply ad group default bid” and enter the bid amount. The max limit of bid depends on campaign goal.

    URL option
    Tracking URL

    For tracking, enter the URL for the measurement.

    URL option
    Custom parameter

    Enter the custom parameter name at the left, then enter the parameter value at the right.


    You can narrow down by specifying conditions for ad placement. Learn more about targeting types on following pages:
    Day of week/hours targeting
    Device targeting
    Geographic targeting
    Gender targeting
    Age targeting
    Audience category targeting (Help - Japanese version)
    Search keyword targeting (Help - Japanese version)
    Audience list targeting
    Site category targeting
    Placement targeting (Help - Japanese version)

    • The number of ad impressions may decrease by narrowing down ad placement with targeting settings.
    • The accuracy of targeting is not guaranteed. Selected settings and other factors may cause inaccuracy of this targeting.
    • Your ads may be delivered to any internet users as an ad without targeting setting when you don’t set any targeting.
    Item SetFor the campaign goal “Dynamic Ads for Display”, setting of Item set for the ad group is required. You can use “Default Item set” when Item set has not been created for each.
    Audience listFor campaign goal “Item list promotion,” audience list is required.
    Learn more on "Site retargeting on Dynamic Ads for Display."
  5. Click the “Create” button after the setting.
  6. Complete creating ad group
    When creating ad groups on the Creating campaign screen, you can continue to add ads. Learn more details on “Create ads.”
  • You can create a new ad group by copying an existing ad group easily. See the help page "Copy elements" for more detail.
  • Click the "i" icon at the "Details" column on the table of ad group list to check the settings of ad groups.
    You can jump to the screen for editing ad group when click the "Edit" button.

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