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Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Help

Create campaigns

Follow the steps below to create campaigns on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads. Please note that when you create a campaign, you need to create ad group as well.

  1. Access to the campaign management tool for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads.
  2. Click the "Create Campaign" button on the "Campaigns" screen.
  3. Select a campaign goal.
    You can refer to "Create campaigns by goal" to check description of each goal and tips for selecting goal.
    Once you selected, click “Continue” button.
  4. Enter the following items on the Creating Campaign screen.
    Item name Campaign goal Description
    Campaign name All Enter a unique campaign name, up to 128 characters.
    Count: 1 count per half-width character, 3 counts per full-width character.
    Display settings All Set on/off of ad display for the campaign.
    The ads will be delivered when it is on, the ads will not be delivered when it is off.
    Campaign daily budget All Set a budget amount for the campaign that you are creating, min.100 JPY in unit of 1 JPY.
    Start Date All

    Enter the campaign start date.
    Default, the date of the day creating a campaign.

    Dates in the past cannot be set.
    End Date All

    Set the campaign end dates.
    You can select “None” for the campaign without end date.
    For the campaign with end date, select “Select a date” and enter the designated date.

    Dates in the past cannot be set.
    Bid strategy All Enter a bid amount for the campaign. Initially, only manual bidding is available for campaign.
    Frequency cap All The number of ad delivery can be adjusted by each user.
    Select "Setup” and enter the following items.
    • Period : daily, weekly, monthly
    • Number of times : 1 - 100
    • Unit : campaign, ad group, ad When selecting campaign or ad group, adjust the number of ad delivery for ads under the campaign and the ad group.

    For the goal “App promotion”, following items are also required.

    Item name Campaign goal Description
    App name App promotion Enter the app name.
    The app name you entered here is automatically set on the item “Advertiser indication” of ads.
    App OS App promotion Select the operating system of the app to be appealed.
    App ID/Package name App promotion For “iOS” : Enter app ID.
    For “Android” : Enter package name.
  5. After setting campaign, then create ad group at the bottom of the same screen.
    Learn more about detail on “Create ad group”.
  6. After setting ad group, then click “Continue” button.
  7. Check the setting and then click “Continue” button.

    • If you have specific ad creatives such as design and images, you can continue to create a campaign, ad groups and ads on the single screen.
      After created ad group, create ads on the same screen. Learn more about detail on “Create ads.”
    • Creating a campaign by copying an existing campaign is also available.
      Learn more on “Copy elements.”