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Learning status on Auto bidding

When you set an autobidding on the campaign, following items on the Campaign Management Tool and the Campaign Editor will show the learning status of the bid strategy.

  • On the Campaign management tool : “Status” column on Campaign list
  • On Campaign Editor : “Learning status” column on the right part of main screen

Please confirm whether your bid strategy works properly with the displayed statuses.

  • Learn more about details of Bid strategy on following help page.
    Bid strategy

Sample of statuses
Case : continuously displaying “Learning”

Sample of statuses

The status of bid strategy will be displayed with following types.

  • "Learning" : Adjusting for bid strategy optimization Ads are delivered while collecting data and learning. This is displayed on creating a new campaign and changing a bid strategy from manual bidding to auto bidding. And for Target CPA (tCPA), it may be displayed when the number of conversions by campaign rapidly changes.
    Note that the status “learning” will not be displayed on the Campaign management tool when completed data collection and learning.

    We recommend to change settings when the status "Learning" continues 7 days or more.
    Learn more details on “Case : continuously displaying “Learning” .


  • "Stopped" : This status is displayed only on the “Learning status” field of Campaign Editor. This is displayed when changing the campaign status to Off while displaying the status “Learning”. Since ads are not delivered, it has stopped data collection and learning.

  • "Completed" : This status is displayed only on the “Learning status” field of Campaign Editor. It completed data collection and learning, and ad delivery has been optimized.


Status typeon Campaign management toolon Campaign Editor
* Once learning completes, this status is not displayed.
* Once learning completes, the status “Completed” is displayed.

Case : continuously displaying “Learning”

When the status “Learning” continues 7 days or more, check the following points and change settings as needed.

  • Whether ads are delivered (whether impressions occurred or not)
  • Whether narrowing the target of ad delivery with too many targeting setting
  • Whether the budget is adequate
  • Whether enough conversion occurs
    *For the case when setting "Target CPA (tCPA)" or "Maximize conversions" only.
  • Whether the target CPA (tCPA) is appropriate or not
    *For the case when setting "Target CPA (tCPA)" only.

Learn more about settings on the following pages:

Targeting settings
Change conversion settings
Display Ads (Auction)' daily budget and monthly charging limit

Note that if the status “Learning” continues after setting change, please try to change the setting to “manual bidding”.

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