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What is MCC account

“MCC (my client center) account” handles multiple accounts of Search Ads and Display Ads.

Example: When Agency A creates an MCC account

MCC accounts can handle ad accounts and other company accounts. You can expect more efficient and simple account management by using MCC accounts.

Creating MCC account and associating to multiple accounts


Using MCC account helps your account and access management.

1. Effectively manage your accounts

The “Account list” of the Campaign Management Tool shows all accounts, and you can't sort them into groups. You can view only the associated ones in the Campaign Management Tool by using an MCC account. Managing budgets, editing, etc., of multiple accounts in a single location helps you save time on managing your accounts.
You can also share your target list between ad accounts linked to your MCC account (Display Ads only).
Learn more details on “Sharing target list on MCC account”.


2. Simplify access management

The tool users of the MCC account will be able to update the accounts under the MCC account by giving the “Edit” access.

In addition, the tool users of the MCC account will be able to make payments by giving the “Admin” access. Giving Tool admin access is not necessary.
MCC account simplifies the access of advertising managers.
Learn more on the following help page and the document.
Manage account access
About MCC accounts and available actions for each ad account (PDF)

Start using MCC account

First, create an MCC account. Learn more about
Create MCC account

Next, associate the MCC account you created with an account.
There are two methods depending on the status of your account.

Associate existing accounts
Associate new accounts

Associate new accounts

Associate the MCC account you created to the existing account (account link).
Request an account link to an existing account from the MCC account.
Request account link

A user who has admin access of the existing account receives the request.
A user who received the request accepts or revokes the request of account link. When the request is accepted, the account link completes.
Accept or revoke account-link request


Associate new accounts

From the MCC account's management page, you can create a new account-linked account.
You don't need to request or accept account-links. See the following page for details.
Create new account-linked accounts


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